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-8659-Window Metric (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

Ultimate CNC Machine Shop w/NexGen mill Metric Version


US$ 5875.00     FREE SHIPPING (USA main land)

Sherline's Model 8659 ltimate Metric version CNC Machine Shop can now be ordered complete with CNC-ready lathe and mill plus the stepper motors, computer, software, and cables to run them. The system includes a CNC-ready 4410 deluxe 3.5" x 17" lathe with two stepper motors, a CNC-ready Mill (5800-inch, 5810-metric) with three stepper motors, a P/N 8730 rotary table with stepper motor (for use as a 4th axis on the mill) and the computer, 4 drivers, power supply, software, and cables to run either the mill or lathe one at a time. Handwheels on the rear shafts of the stepper motors also allow manual control.

Included with the package are all these items:

  • 5810-CNC MeMetric version
  • 5 X 67127 Stepper motors
  • 8730 4" CNC rotary table with stepper motor
  • CNC software Linux EMC version ON CD'd and MACH3- light for windows installed
    (The MACH3 software is installed in all the computers we ship. The MACH3 light software will execute G code files with maximum length of 500 lines.
    Thus, for larger files you will need to purchase a license ($169.00) in order to increase the G code file length to 10,000,000 lines
  • Dell OptiPlex computer with Windows installed
  • 1040 3.1" 3-jaw chuck
  • 1069 3/8" Jacobs drill chuck
  • 3072 1/4" Jacobs drill chuck
  • 1074 Steady rest
  • 1191 Live center
  • 3002 Cutoff tool and holder
  • 3007 3-piece HSS 1/4" cutting tool set
  • 1297 Headstock spacer block (with 8600 pkg. only)
  • 3013 Step block hold-down set
  • 3052 Fly Cutter with carbide tool
  • 3054 Boring head
  • 3060 3-piece end mill set w/ drawbolt
  • 3063 Boring tool
  • 3079 3/8" end mill holder
  • 3551 Milling vise
  • 3750 Tilting angle table
  • 7401 6-pc. 3/8" Shank End Mill Set
  • 3020 Sherline 5/32" hex T-driver
  • 3021 3-piece center drill set
  • 5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide book
  • 5330 Safety glasses

8659-Window Metric Ultimate CNC Machine Shop w/NexGen mill Metric Version