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Self centering chucks are designed to have all the jaws move in unison. The jaws are driven by a spiral scroll when the knurled ring is turned. Self centering chucks will never duplicate the accuracy that can be attained with jaws that are moved independently, but they will usually "get the job done", saving a machinist much time and effort.

The main purpose of a 4-jaw self-centering chuck is to hold square stock. It can also be useful in holding thin wall round tubing that will collapse easily. Round stock that is held in this chuck must be perfectly round and can not be at all elliptical or one of the jaws will not grip. The same is true for square stock; it must be very square and not at all rectangular to achieve a proper grip with all four jaws.

This chuck is designed s that the jaws can be removed and reversed to hold larger stock. In the normal position, stock from 3/32" (2.0mm) to 1-3/16" (30.16mm) can be secured. With the jaws reversed, material up to 2-1/4" (56.0mm) can be held. The hole through the center of the chuck is .687" (17.46mm).