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4-JAW CHUCK (3.125" O.D.)(2LB)


US$ 140.05    

SHERLINE 4-Jaw Chucks

SHERLINE independent jaw 4-Jaw Chuck


SHERLINE self-centering 4-Jaw Chuck


The Purpose and Use of a 4-Jaw Chuck

There are two types of 4-jaw chucks: independent jaw chucks and self-centering chucks. SHERLINE offers both.

4-Jaw independent jaw chucks have four advantages over a 3-Jaw Chuck. One, they can be used to hold irregular shaped parts. Two, with the use of a dial indicator, they can be used to center parts with a great deal of accuracy. Three, 4-Jaw Chucks can be used to deliberately hold a part off center; and Four, they can clamp stock in a tighter grip. This is a valuable asset when machining cams, crankshafts and other similar parts. The disadvantage of the 4-Jaw Chuck is that the jaws must be individually set, adding considerable time to bar stock set-ups.

Like the SHERLINE 3-Jaw Chucks, the 4-Jaw Chucks can be used to clamp externally or internally. The grip range (size of part that can be held in the chuck) is noted below for each chuck.

Although we recommend the purchase of the 3-Jaw Chuck to make the Models 4000A, 4400A or 4500A Lathe less cumbersome to use for standard lathe projects, the 4-Jaw Chuck could be considered the accessory that could add the most versatility to your machine. However, if you have definite projects in mind where you feel the 4-Jaw Chuck would be more useful, or if you already own a 3-Jaw chuck, the "A Package" Lathes may be ordered with the 4-Jaw substituted upon special request.


1030 4-JAW CHUCK (3.125" O.D.)(2LB)