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Mill or drill angles without taking your headstock out of alignment...

This accessory opens up many interesting setup possibilities on the milling machine. With the base mounted square to the mill table, parts mounted to the tilted table can be machined or drilled at precise angles. It can be set at any angle from 0 to 90. A hole pattern is drilled and tapped in the top plate to make it easy to attach Sherline's mill vise or rotary table. A threaded chuck adapter is also included, which means parts from the lathe can have machining operations done on them without removing them from the chuck. They can then be put back on the lathe for further operations without having to re-center them in the chuck.

Included with the table along with the chuck adapter are the T-nuts and mounting screws necessary to mount it to the mill. As an additional feature, in the 90 position, the tilting table holds the rotary table at the proper height to align with the right angle adjustable tailstock for holding parts between centers. This eliminates the need for the single-purpose right angle attachment (P/N 3701).