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-4500A (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

Model 4500 lathe & chucks (1041, 1072) (25Lb)


US$ 777.92    


Model 4500 3.5" x 8" lathe

P/N 1041 2.5" 3-jaw self-centering chuck
P/N 1072 Jacobs 1/4" tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt

"A" Packages Include Everything You Need To Get Started. If you're new to machining, the "A" package includes everything you need to complete about 85% of all work you will probably ever attempt on a lathe.

Metric P/N: 4530A
Now with crosslide backlash adjustment!



4500A Model 4500 lathe & chucks (1041, 1072) (25Lb)