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P/N 67126 High-Torque Stepper Motor


US$ 126.08    

The high-torque stepper motors can also be used on any Sherline CNC machine. The motor is 2 amps, just like our standard motors, so you can easily upgrade your current Sherline system with the new high-torque motors. (For example, Sherline Complete CNC systems or P/N 8760 CNC 4-axis driver box kit.) This high-torque stepper motor has the same NEMA #23 frame as our standard stepper motor, but it has over 75% more torque. The increased torque means that you can increase your feed rates. It is also better suited to handle the additional weight of the motor and headstock on our Z-axis. These high-torque stepper motors are also being offered with the CNC upgrades kits for those who wish to purchase a Sherline CNC lathe, mill, or lathe and mill package but want to use their own computer and software instead of Sherline’s computer with pre-loaded Linux/EMC software.

67126 P/N 67126 High-Torque Stepper Motor