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-LM5-5000 (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

Sherline 5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Weight Scale


US$ 254.80    

About the 5th-Wheel Trailer Tongue Weight Scale We made this scale at the request of several of our customers who own fifth-wheel trailers. This scale is a modified version of our original Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. However, it is specifically designed to attach to most fifth-wheel trailer hitches. The piston has also been modified to accept the standard 2-13/16″ diameter kingpin and the locating pin is for hitches that accept the standard 2-13/16″ kingpin. The scale uses a simple hydraulic principle to convert pressure into a reading in pounds and kilograms on the gauge. No delicate electronics, no batteries, and only one moving part. It comes with a 5000 lb. gauge since 5th-wheel trailers typically carry a larger percentage of the overall weight on the hitch. The scale is machined from solid billet steel and aluminum. It has a 3.25″ piston and body diameter, a 6″ square by 1″ thick aluminum base, and is about 6″ high. Actual weight is 11 lb. Gauge diameter is 2.75″. This scale comes with a one year guarantee. All gauges have a dual-scale gauge that reads in pounds on the outside of the ring and the kilogram equivalent on the inside. This feature has been requested by many trailer users outside the USA and has now been incorporated into all the scales. The 0-5000 lb gauge reads to 2250 kg.

LM5-5000 Sherline 5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Weight Scale