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-3563-Special (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

P/N 3563 7″ x 18″ Mill Tooling Plate Regularly $275.00, Save $55.00, Now only $220.00


US$ 220.00    

This 7″ x 18″ tooling plate is a larger version of the 7″ x 13″ tooling plate (P/N 3562) that comes standard with the 5800 NexGen Mill. In addition to an extensive pattern of 10-32 holes on 1-inch centers, the plate has three T-slots milled on its long axis to provide additional mounting capability. 10-32 holes are also provided as needed for mounting the Sherline P/N 3700 or 8700 rotary table. Provided with the plate are six 10-32 x 7/16″ mounting screws and T-nuts. Also provided are four 1/4″ diameter steel pins that go in locating holes in the bottom of the T-slots to help quickly locate parts parallel to the axis of the plate. The plate was designed primarily for the 5800 NexGen mill. When mounted on the 5800, it will increase the usable machining area of the mill to a full 7″ x 13″ (thats an additional 5.0″ in the Y-axis and 8.2″ in the X-axis). NOTE: It can also be used on the 2000 mill, however, it limits the usable Y-axis travel to 2.85″.

3563-Special P/N 3563 7″ x 18″ Mill Tooling Plate Regularly $275.00, Save $55.00, Now only $220.00