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Sherline's 4 axis Driver Box


US$ 687.10    

Click here for a incredible extended controller Box option. (Limit/Home Switches and a Digitizing Probe.)

Click here to add the MACH3 license for a fabulous Windows (XP, Vista or 7.0) CNC software.

The P/N 8760 Sherline driver box includes 4 drivers, power supply, 4 connection cables, parallel cable and Linux/EMC software. Software technical support that comes with the full CNC system is not included when the driver box is purchased.

Description of the Driver Box

When Sherline developed the CNC system for the mill, we installed the drivers and power supply inside the computer box as a complete package. For those who wish to run the stepper motors on their Sherline CNC-ready machines using a computer other than the one supplied as part of Sherline's 8540 or 8020 CNC system, we now offer the driver box and power supply as a separate item. The anodized aluminum box contains four drivers. Each outputs to its own cable, labeled X, Y, Z and A, which plugs directly into Sherline's P/N 67127 stepper motors. These stepper motors are prewired with a plug to match that on the end of the driver box cables, making hookup easy and fast. A 25-pin parallel cable (included) runs from the box to the parallel port on a computer which you supply. Power comes from an external power supply that plugs into the box. Also included are two CD's which contain the Linux operating system and EMC control program that Sherline uses in its CNC system should you wish to install them on your own computer. The operating instructions for CNC and a short course in writing g-code by Joe Martin are also included on Disk 2 along with custom enhancements for the EMC program for use on Sherline machines. The driver box has its own power on/off switch and a bright red LED that indicates when power is on.

Driver box available for OEM.

The Sherline P/N 8760 driver box is available for manufacturers wishing to put together a CNC system of their own. Why reinvent the wheel? This box along with Sherline's pre-wired stepper motors makes it easy to put together a custom CNC package. Contact Sherline for details on our OEM quantity pricing. We have also left plenty of space on the top of the unit to laser engrave your logo and company information and can handle that for you in-house. In addition, OEM suppliers using our driver box will be provided a link and a 300 word description at no charge on a special page on our web site to describe your product.

Technical Specifications, P/N 8760 Stepper Motor Driver

Power Supply:

Input: 110-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3A
Output: 24 VDC, 4A


? Logic high levels should be greater than 2 volts.
? Logic low should be less than 1/2 volt.
? Step pulses are active low.
? Step pulses should be at least 15 microseconds long.
? The lines labeled as EMC inputs or outputs can be disregarded in other systems.
? For use with software other than EMC, make sure your software addresses the correct I/O lines for step and direction as shown below. Sherline is not able to provide assistance for other programs. For help with the EMC software, see http://www.linuxcnc.org/
? We recommend at least a 200 MHz Pentium class computer or better.

In operation, the power to the motors will be reduced to half current after 3 seconds of inactivity. This can be changed to 1/4 power with a jumper on H1.

DB25 pin out:

1 - Input from EMC (may be ignored in other systems)
2 - X Direction
3 - X Step
4 - Y Direction
5 - Y Step
6 - Z Direction
7 - Z Step
8 - A Direction
9 - A Step
10 - NC
11 - Output to EMC (may be ignored in other systems)
12 - Output to EMC, XYZ home (may be ignored in other systems)
13 - NC
14 - Input from EMC, C1 (may be ignored in other systems)
15 - NC
16 - Input from EMC, C2 (may be ignored in other systems)
17 - NC
18-25 - Ground

Headers on PC board:

H1 - Will reduce current to 1/4 after 3 seconds
H2 - Unimplemented H3 - Will remove power from drivers immediately (panic stop)
RESET - Will hold the drivers in reset condition

Motor Connectors:

? 5 pin DIN male
? Five to 30 volts (better performance at higher voltage)
? 2 amp unipolar configuration
? 1600 steps per revolution (microstepping)

In Figure 1 below, wire colors conform to SKC brand stepping motors. Other brands of motors may use other colors.

(A) - Coil A uses the black and green wires with black/white and green/white as the center tap.
(B) - Coil B uses blue and red wires, with blue/white and red/white as the center tap.

8760 Sherline's 4 axis Driver Box